Start-up Accelerators in Ohio: The Brandery vs. TechColumbus

Start-up Accelerators in Ohio The Brandery and TechColumbus

The Brandery: A Start-up Accelerator in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Brandery functions as a small business incubator that helps candidates with both financial support and mentoring. Candidates have to apply for selection. However, if chosen, viable start-ups will receive $20,000 in financing as well as a four-month long program enrollment that provides the business owner direct communication with partners, experienced mentors, and detailed resources that would otherwise cost a heavy price to access.

The Brandery, true to its name, helps selected candidates develop their identity, marketing brand, and logo for far more than just selling a product or service. It gets the candidates in the mindset of thinking in terms of brand development versus just advertising and selling.

The mentoring provided by the Brandery is primarily aimed at giving candidates the best tools possible for brand-building, relying on the smarts and assistance of the Brandery’s marketing mentors.

The Brandery also offers candidates a unique opportunity to show their ideas and network with angel investors, venture capitalists, the press and more. This connection point gives candidates an opportunity to find long-term support in one combined place versus spending months searching for help.

Below are three examples of companies the Brandery has recently helped:

  • Keepio – Built as business around the idea of helping people collect what they love, Keepio focuses on building a social network of collectors, fostering a far greater synergy of business as a result.
  • Giftiki– This company succeeded for three years after assistance to then be bought out by LaunchRock and acquired.
  • VenturePax – bringing the digital tool to adventures out in the open, the company created a tool that allows travelers to document and share their outdoor trips. Designed to be a social media platform focused specifically on outdoor activities, VenturePax now has a viable consumer base and a recognizable brand that has its own identity.

TechColumbus: A Start-up Accelerator in Columbus, Ohio

TechColumbus takes a decidedly more traditional approach to functioning as an incubator. The organization is primarily focused on helping companies that depend on technology to deliver services or product to customers. Created as a partnership between private industry and public outreach, TechColumbus targets companies starting out in Central Ohio and helps them find their next steps through direction, financial support, resources and guidance.

The organization is also a player in supporting regional initiatives to help foster additional growth of technology business in Central Ohio. TechColumbus does this through local chambers of commerce, providing technology training so that support companies can retain staff and improve their capabilities with added tools and benefits.

Examples of companies helped by TechColumbus’ incubator program include:

  • Informatica – a small business that helps consult other businesses on how to get control of their electronic information and data in a clear, manageable format.
  • LifeCubby – selling a product in the form of an application that helps parents and loved ones capture and categorize kids’ visual images, LifeCubby came into being through TechColumbus’ help in 2011. Now parents enjoy creating personal cubbies of their kids with the help of a highly flexible virtual platform.
  • nChannel – by helping this company create an easy conduit for retailers to change pricing and product data through the cloud, TechColumbus help launch a business that built a virtual bridge platform for quick retail data changing, further removing the need for manual adjustment and price labeling.

While the Brandery and TechColumbus are very different in their approaches, both work extensively at helping boost business presence and growth in Ohio. Along with dozens of other business incubators, these two organizations have a significant impact on the state and its future commerce.

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