Social Media Strategies for Start ups

Social Media Strategies For Start Ups

Classically limited in terms of time, money and manpower, startup companies have a greater need to connect quickly, efficiently and well to their proposed networks than almost any other business. Luckily there are some good social media strategies for start ups that you can implement today.

Reflect Your Brand

You aren’t on social media to make friends; you’re there to give your company the leg up that it needs. With that in mind, make sure you’re always reflecting your bottom line. Choose profile colors and pictures that accurately portray what you do. Use clear, concise language for your profile descriptions. Make sure each and every post, tweet or update has relevance to your company at that moment.

Optimize Your Profiles

People want fully detailed, glossy, professional profiles. Fill out descriptions completely, add contact information and use the handy list below to properly size your photos:

Facebook profile: 180 x 180 px

Facebook timeline: 403 x 403 px

Twitter profile: 81 x 81 px

Google+: 250 x 250 px

LinkedIn logo: 50 x 50px

Pinterest profile: 160 x 165 px

Incorporate Social Media Slowly

Although this might sound counter-intuitive for a start up that needs to hit the ground running, it’s the best way to fully use and appreciate each social media platform. Begin one, build its community and make sure you fully integrate it into your workflow before moving on. That way you will avoid overextending yourself or ending up with superfluous accounts.

Connect With Your Business Network

Everyone knows that utilizing your network is a great idea, but sometimes the concept stops there. Rather than simply collecting business cards in a drawer, begin to connect with people you’ve met during conferences and business meetings or in coffee shops by immediately seeking them out when you return to the office. Find them on LinkedIn, Twitter, or whatever social network you can, and send a friendly greeting to reach out.

Stay Very Active

A dead or dying account does nothing to further your business image. Once you activate an account, make sure you stay on stop of it. Update all your accounts daily during the week and schedule posts to go out on the weekend. Set yourself a minimum and stick to it. Start with basics like Facebook (1 post a day) and Twitter (3 posts a day), then expand to LinkedIn and other platforms.

Follow these social media strategies for start ups and in no time you’ll have a small empire without feeling overworked or overwhelmed.

About Chad Luckie

Chad Luckie is the owner and founder of The College of Marketing. He is currently the Managing Partner of Digital at Linkmedia 360, a nationally recognized marketing company in Cleveland! Chad is very active in the start-up and tech industry often sharing his knowledge by speaking at local start-up business incubators. He sold his first blog when he was only 16 years old to a holding company in London.


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