Social Media and SEO: The Perfect Match

SEO and Social Media

If you are running a search engine optimization campaign, and are not integrating that with social media, you are missing out on some excellent SEO strategies. With recent changes to Google’s algorithms, social media and SEO have become increasingly entwined. If you are not using both effectively, you are missing out on potential traffic. Here are five ways you can use social media to improve your SEO strategies.

1. Social Links Improve SEO

One long-standing SEO strategy is the building of inbound links, yet Google is getting pickier in the types of links that it rewards. The quality of links is becoming increasingly important as the search giant cracks down on blackhat SEO practices. Social links are rewarded highly, as they point to relevant content that people are willing and interested in sharing. In fact, social shares and the links they create have been called “electricity” for your site by SEO expert Lee Odden. The more electricity a site has, he says, the brighter it “glows” for Google.

2. Sharing Icons Make Sharing Simple

The more people share the content on your site, the better your search engine rankings could be and the more organic traffic you will receive. Thus, to incorporate both social media and SEO on your site, you should add sharing icons to any content you post. Add icons for all major search engines and social media sites to encourage people to share using their favorite one, and make these buttons easy to find and use. Sharing should be as simple as one click.

3. Write Content Worthy of Sharing

Having people share content is a valuable way to grow your SEO strategies and improve your online branding, but the only way this is going to happen is if you create content that people want to share. This means that your content needs to be professional, engaging and highly relevant to your target audience. Social Media Examiner recommends entertaining, showing innovation, providing a valuable resource, creating controversy or solving problems as ways to encourage people to share your content.

4. Using Social Media to Find Content Ideas

How can you be sure your content is something people will want to share? This is another way social media and SEO go hand in hand, Social Media Examiner indicates. If you can monitor the chatter on your various social media fronts, you can find out what your target audience wants to know. This, in turn, will allow you to create the relevant SEO friendly content that will be shared, thus growing your social links and improving your search engine rankings.

5. Use Social Media Plug-ins to Keep Websites Fresh

Even though installing a social media plug-in on your site will not improve your search rankings. A scrolling Twitter plug-in, for example, that shows your daily tweets gives your visitors fresh content for their eyes.

Social media and SEO are a match made in heaven. By utilizing both to the fullest advantage, you will create a winning combination that will push your site higher and higher in the rankings and improve your organic traffic.

About Chad Luckie

Chad Luckie is the owner and founder of The College of Marketing. He is currently the Managing Partner of Digital at Linkmedia 360, a nationally recognized marketing company in Cleveland! Chad is very active in the start-up and tech industry often sharing his knowledge by speaking at local start-up business incubators. He sold his first blog when he was only 16 years old to a holding company in London.


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