2 Simple Link Building Techniques For Startups

Simple Link Building Techniques For Startups

You have plenty of options for marketing your startup, especially on the Internet, and the choices can be a bit overwhelming. Link building is a marketing method that builds traffic to your website by getting links pointed at the main domain or subpages. Link building has changed over the years as Google adjusts its search ranking algorithm.

The Google Panda and Penguin updates create a focus on quality back-links and penalize sites that have low-quality back links. The exact definition of what makes a link low quality has evolved over time. Sites that have duplicated content and low quality content are some that are considered sites that generate bad backlinks. A few years ago, it was standard to buy huge backlink packages simply because Google looked at the quantity over the quality of the links. Now Google looks for links from trusted domains.

Simple Link Building Technique 1: Weekly “round up” blog articles

The first quality technique you can use to begin to build relationships that bring you quality backlinks are round up blog articles. A round up post is a post that links to relevant articles on other sites or blogs. You feature these links and contact the site owners to let you know that you’ve created links to their site. You build up relationships with other sites in your niche, and you’ll most likely get links from this effort. Getting backlinks from quality sites in your niche is not the primary goal of this technique, you just want to bring awareness of your site to thought leaders in your section of the Internet.

Another benefit of this technique is that even if the blog owners don’t link back directly from their sites, they most likely will talk about the blog post through social media. Make social sharing simple by including plenty of social network sharing buttons with the post.

Simple Link Building Technique 2: Find websites that are linking to external 404 error pages

A technique that you might not have heard about before is talking with site owners that have broken links on their pages. If an external link is outdated in their post, you can provide an alternative source for the information that is current and live. This provides a benefit to the site owner, as their traffic is no longer being directed to an outdated link. It’s a direct benefit to you by giving you a quality backlink from an established blog post that already has Google ranking and traffic relevant to your niche. You want to match the content to the external link, so keep it relevant to your niche.

You don’t want to neglect link building techniques for your startup website. Not only do you drive traffic to your site by getting links from other sites, you also make potential customers and clients aware of your brand, increase your search engine rankings, and bring in traffic overall. It takes some time to see results from link building efforts, but it’s well worth it.

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