Should Your Startup Invest in SEO?

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You have put a lot of hard work into researching a niche for your small business, researched the targeted audience, written a business plan and you are now ready to make the leap of owning a business. But where do you go from here? A combination of technical SEO, Creativity, and High Quality content is a recipe for success in 2013 for Startups.

Your Website Needs A Steady Flow of Relevant Traffic

In order to create an ultimate online presence for your business, it is vital to have a business website. However, the website alone will not be enough, if you do not have the traffic necessary to build your business. To attract a good flow of traffic and potential customers, promoting your website is essential.

Could SEO Be The Most Popular Online Marketing Technique For Startups

Search engine optimization (SEO) the most popular internet marketing technique for increasing the visibility of a website. SEO plays a significant role in increasing the traffic to your website as well as boosting your website rankings; however, it is important to know how to utilize everything that good SEO practices have to offer. SEO can provide number of benefits for your small business including:

Make your business searchable (Find-able):

Meaning your business shows up in the search engines
Make it easy for consumers to find your service or product
Marketing is crucial and SEO helps others find you in the search engines. Your SEO performances provide an increased visibility and will help build your presence through all of the relevant websites that are linking back to your website.

Building Relationships With Real People Is In And Cheap Automated Backlinks is Out

Research what others are doing in your niche, visit their forums and read their blogs. When you find others who are experts in a similar industry to the one you are trying to build, work on building a relationship. Building relationships with experts in the industry allow you to learn while promoting. Offer to submit guest blog posts as often as possible on as many sites as you can find that can be related back to your industry. When you agree to write a guest post, it is an opportunity to include back links. Back links are links to your business that have been embedded into the keywords of content you publish as a guest post.

The Importance of High Quality Content for SEO and Online Marketing Will Continue To Grow

Build your website with excellent, frequent and interesting content. It is very important that you maintain the content on your website. When customers come to your website, they want to learn something new each visit, so if you slack on providing fresh content, customers will eventually quit visiting your website. Use appropriate keywords in the content of a guest blog post as well as the content used on your website. Keywords are vital in helping the search engines find you and ultimately helping potential customers find you.

Peak Their Attention with Graphics and Captivating Media

The use of graphics is a great way to capture the attention of consumers. Most consumers are visual, so they will notice a picture or video, before reading the content. The pictures must be captivating in order to draw the reader from the picture to the text that relates your product to the picture. Using short videos is a great way to keep customers on your page and they peak the consumers interest to skim the website for more information.

So, Should Your Startup Invest in SEO?

As a new startup, it may be tempting to include anything and everything on your website; however, it is important to have a professional, clean and non-“spammy” website. Make the content interesting, descriptive and exciting. The more your customers search through the website, the longer they want to stay and browse, so keep it attractive and appealing. Investing in a creative SEO program would be a great investment for your Startup. Be picky when choosing a freelancer or agency and check all references and do thorough  interviews. 

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