SEO Ranking Factors for Startups in 2013

SEO Ranking Factors for Startups in 2013

Any Startup business owner knows the importance of SEO ranking. However, few business owners actually understand the factors that affect where the page ranks. Fortunately, some of the most important SEO ranking factors for Startups in 2013 are covered and explained in the annual report produced by SearchMetrics.  The top SEO ranking factors for Startups in 2013 that are featured in The SEO Ranking Factors – Rank Correlation 2013 for Google USA are explained below. 

Top 6 SEO Ranking Factors For Startups in 2013

Keyword Links and Domains

  • Keywords are made for content and shouldn’t be stuffed into domain names and URL links, which is hard keyword optimization. While in 2012, SEO rank was positively affected by hard keyword optimization; in 2013, natural links are significantly more important and preferred. More importantly, the excessive use of hard keyword links can have negative effects on your page’s rank. 

….Except for Brands

  • In the previous year’s study, brands received an undoubted level of special treatment. This year’s study continues and amplifies this trend. Simply put, brand links do not follow the same rules. For example, hard keyword links can have negative effects… except for brands. Google clearly thinks it is natural for brands to use its name in the URL and to have more backlinks with the brand’s name. 

Social Media Sharing is Caring 

  • While everyone knows that sharing is caring, the study reveals that social media shares have positive SEO ranking implications for web pages. Whether it is +1s, likes, retweets, or shares, URLs with strong social signals consistently stand out and rank higher. 

Crowned with Content

  • In this year’s study, content is still king and has a significant positive correlation with SEO rankings. Specifically, sites that rank well have great content, more images, and an excellent internal link structure. The full study expounds on some of the best SEO content ranking practices, like word count, number of images, number of internal links, and numbered keyword-optimized headers. 


  • Backlinks are still viewed by Google SEO metrics as one of the most important ranking factors. Simply put, the more backlinks a site has, the better its SEO rank. Clearly, quantity is important, but this study also reveals the importance of quality backlinks as well. 

Cost of Coding

  • On-page technology is one of the basic SEO ranking factors for Startups in 2013. The study explains that poor or dated coding in the design of your website can not only increase a page’s rank, but it can also have a negative cost. In effect, optimizing the coding or on-page technology shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury. The study offers statistics on areas including keyword positioning in title and the relevance of site speed.   

SEO ranking factors for Startups in 2013 translate into success or failure. SearchMetrics provides an easy-to-read study that highlights many of the best practices and SEO ranking factors for Startups in 2013 with valuable graphs and metrics. With an in-depth analysis of what makes certain pages rank well, the SEO Ranking Factors – Rank Correlation 2013 Study is a must-have for any business, especially Startups. 

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