Writing SEO Content Is The Foundation Of A Website

Learning how to write seo friendly content is a very important skill for any webmaster to learn. Writing SEO content should be the foundation of any website you build or optimize. Content should be interesting, engaging, unique, and relevant to the visitors search query. You should never write content just to fill white space or for the sole reason of stuffing keywords. Writing SEO content that is engaging is harder to do than one might think. Below is a list of variables and recommendations you should be aware of when writing.

Writing SEO Content Image

  • Write extremely relevant content without sounding repetitive
  • Use lists whenever you can to condense information
  • Include strong verbs that provoke an action
  • Be specific and provide details when needed
  • Don’t be afraid to include graphics and tables
  • Inspire, Inform, and Entertain 
  • Write compelling headlines 
  • Demonstrate credibility
  • Avoid generic terms whenever possible
  • Use headers to create a break in the text
  • Never write without a purpose and always do some simple keyword research

Make Writing SEO Content Easy With The Content Planning Template

Content Planning Template

Planning Template For Writing SEO ContentEvery page on your website needs to have a clear purpose for the visitor. For example, the sole purpose of this page is to educate the visitor about writing seo content for their website. The visitor should walk away from this lesson with some key takeaways about seo content and how to create it. Before starting a content marketing campaign you should create a game plan  This game plan may be adjusted later on, but it gives direction and a foundation to build off of. 

  1. Content Campaign Overview
    • The first section of the content planning template is a place to briefly describe what the campaign is about. 
  2. Overall Goal of Campaign
    • What is the purpose of this campaign from a business perspective? 
    • Are you trying to target new keyword themes to increase visibility in the search engines?
    • Are you trying to create new content to support a current keyword theme to increase search engine rankings?
    • Are you trying to generate leads by creating new landings pages and blog posts?
  3. Estimated Campaign Completion Date
    • When does the campaign need to be completed?
    • Is this an ongoing project?
    • Are you created this campaign to build off of a holiday or special event?
  4. Number Of Items To Be Completed
    • What items are you creating to accomplish the goal of the campaign?
    • Are you creating white papers, blog posts, landings pages, updating existing pages, etc?
  5. Project Team Members
    • Who is responsible for creating the content and optimizing it?
    • Team leader, seo specialist, writer, graphic designer, conversion specialist, etc.
  6. Budget For Campaign 
    • This section should be used to set a clear budget for this campaign and how much of the budget is allocated to each specific task you are doing. 

I created my content campaign, but how do I optimize my content for SEO?

Writing SEO Content Page Template

Once you have created and outlined a solid content creation campaign it is time to understand how you optimize those pages for search engines. While the main goal for any page you create should be to create high quality unique content that is engaging to the reader. There are still certain variables you need to be sure to include and optimize on each page. The following variables should be included on most if not all pages.

  •  Headlines
  • Sub-Headlines
  • Images with alt= attribute
  • Bullets or a numbered list
  • Calls to action
  • Internal link to another page on your website
  • Social sharing icons

Key Takeaways About Writing SEO Content

  •  Write for your readers first and search engines second
  • Never stuff keywords just for the sake of stuffing keywords
  • Be sure content is unique and engaging
  • Do not forget the purpose of each page and what value it adds to the reader
  • Include strategic keywords in common seo variables
  • Use calls to action
  • Make sure each page is easily shareable on social networks
  • Every page needs at least 250 words