3 Online Marketing Influencers Every Start Up Should Follow

Every two weeks The College of Marketing will be featuring 3 Online Marketing Influencers every Start Up should follow. We want to connect you with industry professionals that share top quality content free of charge via their social media accounts, websites, or blog. Feel free to read more about this weeks top 3 Online Marketing Influencers below or click-thru to their Twitter accounts!

Ken McGaffin Headshot

Ken McGaffin – Generating quality inbound links is one of the most powerful marketing tools.

Ken McGaffin emphasizes how important link building is as an online marketing factor. Quality links are one way to increase your search engine rankings. A large majority of offline purchases originate through online research. Search engines are the movers and shakers of online commerce, meaning that an enterprise’s success with search engines can mean spectacular results.

Inbound links to your site have a major effect on the position of your site’s pages in search engine results. Low quality links no longer help. Google seeks them out and may actually penalize a site where they are found. Building social relationships facilitates link building. Quality links mean visitors, so make sure you have a facility to convert them.

With quality links you can become a leader in the community of websites your potential customers use. If they regularly see links to your site, they’ll recognize you as a market expert. Thoroughly perform a link analysis of your market locating as many niches as possible. For each one, identify all the relevant sites and then build links from them. When more and more people see your company and products on important sites, the more you will likely to be viewed as a leader.

In the beginning, it’s hard to get quality links, but eventually after some hard work, you start to get links without asking. When you are seen as a market leader, others will happily write about you and link to you.

Jennnifer Cario Headshot

Jennifer Cario – Pinterest is a highly productive tool for internet marketing.

Jennifer Cario has just completed new book, Pinterest Marketing: An Hour a Day. She believes that Pinterest is useful both for personal use and business promotion. It is a strong visual virtual pinboard that drives a great deal of referral traffic and hence is of significant value to those involved in marketing. Pinterest has millions of members and while still young and it does represent a potential market, and there are tools available to tap this market’s potential.

Ben Wills headshot

Ben Wills – Ontolo.com offers link building tools that will enervate online marketing potential.

Ben Wills is the founder of Ontolo.com, a site that features a link building toolset which is highly recommended for its internet marketing and link building abilities. It enables users to:

· Discover new link prospects

· Set up link building campaign settings

· Generate link building queries to run on search engines in order to uncover new link prospects

· Facilitate link prospect viewing, by opening multiple prospect URLs in new tabs in your web browser

· Monitor key backlink statistics of up to 25 competitors

· Keep track of an acquired a link by making sure it is followed and remains live

That Wraps Up This Weeks Top 3 Online Marketing Influencers You Should Follow

Check back in two weeks for another special featuring 3 more industry professionals you need to follow. 

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