Online Marketing Ideas for Start Ups

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So you’ve got a great idea, you’ve launched your start up, and you’re ready for people to come check it out. Now you need to put in some work to market yourself and your company. To first-timers this can seem incredibly daunting, but engaging regularly in a few simple activities can really take the mystery out of it. Read on to learn how you can start attracting more visitors to your website and business.

Host Webinars

One of the best online marketing ideas for start ups is to develop meaningful content that people will want to receive. Bringing people to you over the Internet gives you a chance to give them something and earn their trust, while at the same time making sure they get a look at what you and your start up have to offer.

Utilize Social Media

From computer gurus to roofers, there’s no one out there who can’t benefit from the community-building benefits of social media. Make sure it’s in place when you launch, and use it frequently. Post regularly, at specific times, so that people know when to look for you, and make sure important information always appears in your social streams.

Make Meaningful Media Connections

The media is there to help you, if you know how to use it. Create a good press kit from the outset, defining who you are and what your mission is. Make sure the kit includes contact information for people inside the company as well as logos and slogans that transmit your brand. Then send it to everyone and anyone. Some will not respond for interviews, but some will.

Create a Weekly Blog Series

Series pull people in and allow them to interact with material on a deeper, more ongoing basis. This gives you the opportunity to give your viewers or customer base something while getting something back: their prolonged engagement with your brand. Find an interesting subject for your series and play it up from different angles, perhaps utilizing interviews or insider insight.

Tell Your Story

It sounds cheesy, but customers love people they can connect with. Look at popular blogs or successful ad campaigns. They utilize marketing strategies as intentionally as anyone else, but they’re also willing to open up and tell a story.

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Chad Luckie is the owner and founder of The College of Marketing. He is currently the Managing Partner of Digital at Linkmedia 360, a nationally recognized marketing company in Cleveland! Chad is very active in the start-up and tech industry often sharing his knowledge by speaking at local start-up business incubators. He sold his first blog when he was only 16 years old to a holding company in London.

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