Online Marketing For StartUps in 2013: Predictions?

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StartUps must think differently for effective Online Marketing in 2013

Marty Smith predicts that smaller enterprises must think quickly or fall prey to bigger hawks. His 2013 marketing ideas are:

  1. Disruption – Examine the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses of the competitors you want to overpower. Choose the top three and examine their social follows, pages in Google and target the places where they are not found. When they are on your tail, be ready to move to a new niche.
  2. Mashups – Create mashups of widely differing articles to produce a marketing sum that is greater than the parts.
  3. Gamify – Gamify Email Marketing with Personas and Segments. Batch blasting is out and personalization is in. Define badges, earning activities and ask them to play games in order to earn badges. Read more in Gamification: Winning Hearts, Minds and Loyalty Online.
  4. Steal – When your competitor has a cool campaign- copy, copy, copy! In the Internet marketing world it is important to create but also to expect to be stolen from.
  5. Teach – The first to offer a teaching video wins.
  6. Tell Stories – Engage your visitors’ interests by telling them stories they will remember and share.

2013 means holistic SEO for effective marketing

Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz predicts that SEO will move away from on-page and focus on a variety of off page SEO. In 2013, he expects to see the most successful marketers treat multiple approaches as the most effective means for a powerful and holistic SEO strategy.

SEOs need to positively impact the items that are going to influence their goals. It’s OK for SEOs to do things that are outside of the classic definition in order to achieve a desired end. This is what makes a professional great regardless of the field he/she is in. Creatively and effectively pursuing objectives leads to success rather than an empty following of formulas.

Email continues to be an important marketing tool

John Bonini of Impact Marketing is certain that email will continue to be an important part of a marketing solution. Traditionally, a batch approach has been used but this has proven to have disappointing results. 2013 will bring more effective and personalized email which will use real-time data.

Opt-in marketing will be in and opt-out marketing will be out. Buying lists will fall into disuse. Segmented email campaigns will deliver more effective content resulting in increased qualified leads.

Thin content will be punished even more

Penguin was a start towards eradicating thin content, but Google’s web spam fighter, Matt Cutts has hinted that there is yet more of a battle on the way. He is targeting duplicate content and other content of little value. In practice this means there’s no point in using an infographic that doesn’t cover a topic on your site – Google is improving at detecting irrelevant links and decreasing any value to any who use them.

Google is planning on more stringently defining what duplication is. Having different language that says the same thing will be considered duplication leading back to a thin content assignment. The choice is yours. Offer fresh unique SEO content or suffer Google penalties.

In 2013 creativity and adding value will be good strategies for successful SEO and Online Marketing for StartUps and anyone else seeking a successful online presence.

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