3 Online Marketing Experts Your Start up Should Know

We did some more research this week on some of the industries brightest online marketing experts. The purpose of this article is to simply introduce you to 3 more online marketing influencers your Startup should follow. Hope you enjoy it and be sure to share your comments at the end of the article.

Dixon Jones - Majestic SEO Online Influencer

Dixon Jones recommends that you track your competitors’ link building.

Dixon Jones is Marketing Director at MajesticSEO and also Director of Receptional, one of the most established search companies in the UK. He advises use of a specialized tool for tracking competitors’ link building developed by his company. It is very easy to setup – taking only about 45 seconds.

When you dig into your competitor’s SEO strategies, look at what type of anchor text is promoted and identify which components of their websites get the best links. You can also use tracking tools to check multiple pages of your competitor’s website. The tool works best with small to medium sized sites.

Dixon Jones recommends that you delve even deeper into your competitor’s backlinks by running Majestic SEO Site Explorer in order to obtain more in depth information.

Mike Grehan Content Marketing Influencer

Mike Grehan recommends that you stop focusing on the number of keywords you can rank for and instead look at those keywords which send the most qualified traffic.

Mike Grehan is Incisive Media’s Global VP of Content, ClickZ and Search Engine Watch publisher and SES international conference series producer. He says that anyone can rank number one at Google for uniquely qualifying information. So, if you’re purchasing “keyword rankings” from an SEO company, extract the referrer data from your log history and identify how much traffic is generated and by which search engine.

Disregard any keywords that have poor results. If your SEO firm is only generating pure rankings, you need to know that you can do better. What you need is transactions and conversions. Vanity listings are not helpful, but copying your competitor can be. Always keep in mind that marketing campaigns such as email marketing or video campaigns can impact search results.

Duane Forrester Online Marketing Expert

Duane Forrester recommends that businesses focus on converting clicks to customers, not just visitors to your website.

Duane manages Bing Webmaster Tools. He is also the author of the books, How to Make Money with Your Blog and Turn Clicks Into Customers. He recommends effective strategies for converting clicks into orders. Proven techniques are important when it comes to finding customers for your products or services.

An effective search engine strategy is essential. There are a variety of ways to increase click through and conversion rates. When building your website focus on SEO. Maintain an organized schedule for publishing. With landing pages, your site will have more opportunity to boost conversion rates.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me in the same breath as Mike and Duanne. I’m in good company there. Dixon.

  2. I use Majestic SEO often… it’s a very good tool to spy on competitors’ SEO effort… :)

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