Making Your Content Strategy Work with SEO Keyword Research

The days of keyword stuffing are gone, hopefully never to be seen again. However, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will survive as long as the Internet itself. The only thing that changes is the way that search engines decide how to display websites in order of relevance and importance to the Internet user’s search.

Google estimates that one million spam pages are created each hour, and they work hard to ensure that Google users are not directed to these pages. They update their algorithms regularly to ensure that the pages they are giving ranks to are actually relevant to what the reader is looking for.

In today’s marketing world, you need a content strategy and the ability to perform SEO keyword research to send the traffic you want to your site and make a conversion.

The first step in creating content that attracts traffic is coming up with a content strategy. What are you trying to do? Do you want your readers to purchase something? Do you want them to sign up for a free e-newsletter?

The keywords that you use will vary based on what you want your readers to do. Let’s say you have a site that sells all natural health products. If you want your visitors to purchase these products, you will want to use certain keywords that make them want to buy. For instance, you may use phrases such as “cheapest natural products” or “best all natural products”. If your only goal is to get them to sign up for a newsletter, your keyword phrase may be “news about natural health products”. See the difference?

According to Google, 15% of the searches they see every day have never been seen before. You want to have a word or phrase that people are searching for. So how do you do that?

When you have a clear content strategy in place, SEO keyword research is the next step. Use the Google Keyword Tool or other similar tools. Input the keywords that you are considering using in your campaign. These tools will show you how many times each month those words are searched for, plus variations of those phrases. This is where you may want to adjust your keyword phrases. If “cheapest natural products” is searched for a million times a day, your site will be lost among the other competitors. But if it is searched for only 200 times it may not drive much traffic to your site.

The Google Keyword Tool will also let you see other keyword phrases similar to yours and show how often they are searched for. You can click on the phrase to see the pages that users are being shown when searching for those terms.

It can take time to learn your way around the Google Keyword Tool and other SEO keyword research tools on the market. However, it is time well invested if you can drive more targeted traffic to your site.

About Chad Luckie

Chad Luckie is the owner and founder of The College of Marketing. He is currently the Managing Partner of Digital at Linkmedia 360, a nationally recognized marketing company in Cleveland! Chad is very active in the start-up and tech industry often sharing his knowledge by speaking at local start-up business incubators. He sold his first blog when he was only 16 years old to a holding company in London.

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