3 Online Marketing Influencers Every Start Up Should Follow

Every two weeks The College of Marketing will be featuring 3 Online Marketing Influencers every Start Up should follow. We want to connect you with industry professionals that share top quality content free of charge via their social media accounts, websites, or blog. Feel free to read more about this weeks top 3 Online Marketing Influencers below […]

Online Marketing Ideas for Start Ups

So you’ve got a great idea, you’ve launched your start up, and you’re ready for people to come check it out. Now you need to put in some work to market yourself and your company. To first-timers this can seem incredibly daunting, but engaging regularly in a few simple activities can really take the mystery […]

Marketing Help for Small Businesses and Start Ups Is Hard To Find

Marketing help for small businesses is not always easy to find. In fact, a recent conversation between myself and another thought leader in this industry highlighted how challenging marketing can often be for some small businesses. Unfortunately, many small businesses and startups seem to be underserved by traditional marketing companies and methods. You can see […]

Social Media Strategies for Start ups

Classically limited in terms of time, money and manpower, startup companies have a greater need to connect quickly, efficiently and well to their proposed networks than almost any other business. Luckily there are some good social media strategies for start ups that you can implement today. Reflect Your Brand You aren’t on social media to […]

Social Media and SEO: The Perfect Match

If you are running a search engine optimization campaign, and are not integrating that with social media, you are missing out on some excellent SEO strategies. With recent changes to Google’s algorithms, social media and SEO have become increasingly entwined. If you are not using both effectively, you are missing out on potential traffic. Here […]