SEO Ranking Factors for Startups in 2013

Any Startup business owner knows the importance of SEO ranking. However, few business owners actually understand the factors that affect where the page ranks. Fortunately, some of the most important SEO ranking factors for Startups in 2013 are covered and explained in the annual report produced by SearchMetrics.  The top SEO ranking factors for Startups in 2013 […]

The Ultimate Google Authorship Guide

The Ultimate Google Authorship Guide When you perform a Google search and someone’s author link and avatar show up beside the results, are you more likely to click those links? Since Google enacted its authorship function, searchers do find results from webmasters and content creators who take advantage of this to be more trustworthy. If […]

Marketing Help for Small Businesses and Start Ups Is Hard To Find

Marketing help for small businesses is not always easy to find. In fact, a recent conversation between myself and another thought leader in this industry highlighted how challenging marketing can often be for some small businesses. Unfortunately, many small businesses and startups seem to be underserved by traditional marketing companies and methods. You can see […]