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Chad Luckie is the owner and founder of The College of Marketing. He is currently the Managing Partner of Digital at Linkmedia 360, a nationally recognized marketing company in Cleveland! Chad is very active in the start-up and tech industry often sharing his knowledge by speaking at local start-up business incubators. He sold his first blog when he was only 16 years old to a holding company in London.

SEO Ranking Factors for Startups in 2013

Any Startup business owner knows the importance of SEO ranking. However, few business owners actually understand the factors that affect where the page ranks. Fortunately, some of the most important SEO ranking factors for Startups in 2013 are covered and explained in the annual report produced by SearchMetrics.  The top SEO ranking factors for Startups in 2013 […]

The Ultimate Google Authorship Guide

The Ultimate Google Authorship Guide When you perform a Google search and someone’s author link and avatar show up beside the results, are you more likely to click those links? Since Google enacted its authorship function, searchers do find results from webmasters and content creators who take advantage of this to be more trustworthy. If […]

Startup Marketing Strategies You Need To Know

Starting a new business is challenging. Depending on the industry, most businesses should expect to lose money in the first year due to overhead costs. Because of the difficulty of starting a new business, and the other costs involved, most startups don’t have a dedicated team of marketers to plan and strategize new ideas. Here […]

Start-up Accelerators in Ohio: The Brandery vs. TechColumbus

The Brandery: A Start-up Accelerator in Cincinnati, Ohio The Brandery functions as a small business incubator that helps candidates with both financial support and mentoring. Candidates have to apply for selection. However, if chosen, viable start-ups will receive $20,000 in financing as well as a four-month long program enrollment that provides the business owner direct communication […]

2 Simple Link Building Techniques For Startups

You have plenty of options for marketing your startup, especially on the Internet, and the choices can be a bit overwhelming. Link building is a marketing method that builds traffic to your website by getting links pointed at the main domain or subpages. Link building has changed over the years as Google adjusts its search […]

7 Effective Link Building Tips For Startups

Remember the good old days of link building? Sending out mass emails, automated links, spam links? Who didn’t enjoy a great night of keyword stuffing , cloaking, and duplicating the same content over and over. Heck there were times way back when, when you could even pay for enough links to help your search engine […]

The Importance of Co-occurrence and SEO for Your Start-up

What is Co-occurrence Indexing algorithms constantly change the game for web content creators and site managers who are focused on getting the gold prize of first-page ranking on Google. While keywords and anchor links previously were leading indicators of the ranking of sites, co-occurrence is a more sophisticated method that is being utilized by Google. […]

Start-up Accelerators in Ohio: Bizdom vs. Launch House

Cleveland and Detroit are rust belt cities experiencing serious financial difficulties. That’s why it’s tremendously exciting to see highly effective start-up incubators such as Bizdom and LaunchHouse which provide essential support for regional entrepreneurial development. Bizdom: A Start-up Accelerator in Ohio Dan Gilbert founded Bizdom in 2007 as a non-profit organization dedicated to helping talented entrepreneurs get […]

3 Online Marketing Experts Your Start up Should Know

We did some more research this week on some of the industries brightest online marketing experts. The purpose of this article is to simply introduce you to 3 more online marketing influencers your Startup should follow. Hope you enjoy it and be sure to share your comments at the end of the article. Dixon Jones recommends […]

3 Online Marketing Influencers Every Start Up Should Follow

Every two weeks The College of Marketing will be featuring 3 Online Marketing Influencers every Start Up should follow. We want to connect you with industry professionals that share top quality content free of charge via their social media accounts, websites, or blog. Feel free to read more about this weeks top 3 Online Marketing Influencers below […]